A platform made for podcast lovers by podcast lovers.

Tess started out with an intention to make a open podcasting app, free from startup-dom and entrusted to the open-source community of developers who would like to help build their dream product.


  • Use it Everywhere

    Tess works on iPhone, Android, and and the web, so you can listen to all your favorite podcasts wherever you are.

  • Highlight and Share

    Save highlights of podcasts to your library for later listening or share a highlight with others!

  • Open Source

    Through open source, anyone can propose new features and make Tess better.

For developers

Tess uses React Native for it's iOS/Android app,
React for its Web player, and all backend is managed through Firebase.

  • 35k Lines
  • 200+Podcasts
  • 100+Users

Tess is looking for a lot of help from podcast lovers looking to make a better free podcast app. If you would like to talk more about Tess or become a maintainer you can join our Discord server below.

    Download Tess!

    Of course, this site wouldn't be complete if we didn't let you download Tess.
    Below are iOS, Android, and web links.